Writing as Social Practice

How can we make writing into something that is a social practice, instead of a solitary one?

Create friendcatchers

Writing is a way of creating friendcatchers - a product or asset that you can use to draw in friends. State Transition has helped with this, as it has rekindled old friendships.

Swyx note on friendcatchers

"Build the things that will allow you to engage an audience and improve it over time. Included in this: Friendcatchers. Friendcatchers are small, contained lists, essays or apps that solve resonant (emotional, relevant), tractable, underserved problems."

Tom Critchlow on learning in public

shoving writing in people's faces is cringe. Sharing things you're actively thinking about, working on, interested in, and passionate about is a great way to connect with interesting people. learn in public

Write for people, not an audience

Tom Critchlow on Riffs, not essays

What is something you could write, and feel comfortable DMing to someone you know, that they would find helpful? Write that. Design your riffs/essays/tweets/whatever to be sharable and useful by default.