Core principle: adding protocols for payments and state to the internet. Think of the blockchain as one "world computer": all code is open, runs on one virtual computer (computer = machine that can execute instructions and store state). all code is accessible, and composable with one another. No need for APIs. Everything is permissionless.

Key Elements of Web3


Use Cases


Using The Blockchain

There are several wallets available to use multiple types of cryptocurrencies.

Developing on The Blockchain

Buying, Selling, and Trading Cryptocurrency

I mostly use Coinbase for ease of use. It supports "mainstream" coins. Binance is another popular one. Not all coins are available in he United States. For going deep on alt coins gate.io seems promising, but untested.

Sites / Projects

Criticisms of Web3

Further Reading

Keeping Up

Most stuff is probably happening in a Discord server you're not a part of. Conversations in private channels seems to be where a lot goes on.

Web3 is a fast moving space, some of my prefered resources for keeping up are