The Great Internet Game

A mental model that views the internet as one big game. Probably some mix between an MMO and a Metroidvania.

"Sometimes it's weird to remember that we're all effectively competing to hit the right keys on our keyboards in the right order, and that if we do it for long enough we can buy a house."

My progression

  1. 2003, Senior year in highs school, started playing online poker for fun.
  2. 2004, Sophomore year of college, began playing poker part-time and main source of income.
  3. 2006, Junior year of college, began studying web design, working on websites.
  4. 2009, Started a blog, a Twitter account. Attempted and failed at online marketing.
  5. 2011, first foray into cryptocurrency, where I lost my 14BTC(purchased for $200) in the Mt.Gox scandal. Sometimes I like to make myself miserable by thinking about how much that would be worth today.
  6. 2012, began freelancing. worked with clients remotely. Websites, social media became part of my "personal brand".
  7. 2015, began working on creating an info product, and building an email list.
  8. 2019, full time remote work
  9. 2020, begin living extremely online because of covid 19.
  10. 2021, working remote, in many discords, trying again with cryptocurrency.

Further Reading