Retreat Reflection

Questions from Sherry Walling's Entrepreneur's Guide to Keeping Your Shit Together. For guided reflection when figuring out next steps. Modified to be not just business-centric but a bit more generic.

General Questions

  1. What gave me life last year?
  2. What sucked the life out of me?
  3. What things drove growth for me last year?
  4. In what situations was I most irritable, impatient, or angry?
  5. When did I make an unwise decision or lose my cool? What contributed to those experiences?
  6. What do I regret? What am I embarrassed of?
  7. What am I most proud of when I reflect the past year?

Am I where I want to be?

  1. What value (freedom, ingenuity, adventure, meaning, etc) do I feel most drawn to at this time in my life? What can I do to pursue that value?
  2. What value am I not getting enough of? How can I change that?
  3. What sets me apart from my peers?
  4. Who do I most admire? What about them do I admire?
  5. Am I using my time wisely?
  6. What activities are most important to me?
  7. What am I unwilling to live without?
  8. How is my life different than I thought it would be at this phase of my life?

Establishing Goals for the Future

  1. In a perfect world, what would I want to add to my work/life to make it better?
  2. If I had unlimited resources, what would I do next?
  3. How can I grow in the next year?
  4. How can I shrink in the next year?
  5. How can the positive events or experiences of the past year be a greater part of my life in the year ahead?
  6. How can I spend more time and energy doing the most important, most meaningful activities?
  7. How can I maximize my strengths in the coming year?
  8. What are the most important investments I need to make over the next year?

Futuresetting (business specific)

  1. In a perfect world, what new products or features would I add to my business or product to make it better?
  2. Where do I see my business one year from today revenue wise? size wise? staff size?

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