Personal Finance


Prime Directive Summary

  1. don’t waste money on dumb shit
  2. does your employer offer a 401k match? if so, do that.
  3. extra money left over? do you have any debt with >5% interest? If so, put it towards that until paid off.
  4. money left after that? put $3,550 of it into an HSA (2x for married couples)
  5. money left after that? put $6,000 into a Roth IRA (2x for married couples)
  6. money left after that? max out your 401k distribution to $19,500
  7. money left after that? if kids && faith college will be a thing, but up to $14,000 in a 529 plan, depending on how spoiled you want them to be
  8. money left after that?, and I dunno… pick up some bitcoin maybe?

More on 401k valuation here, and why you should invest in them aggressively.

Guiding Principles

Monthly Budgeting

Credit Cards