Organizational Research

When working with organizations in a consulting capacity, you could do research to learn more about them, and present that as a deliverable from Just Enough Research

Who is involved

Other notes

If you pretend politics don’t exist, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Business requirements are often forgotten about. How do you know if your works succeeded, and is fully functional?

It’s important to understand your organizations priorities. The more important the project, the more likely it is to succeed.

Tailor your design process to existing processes. If you work in a group that values collaboration and consensus, follow that route over one that has an autocratic leader.

Getting buy-in — Asking someone for input before you get started helps reduce objections later.


Understand how your work affects others within the organization. Before interviews, state the reason for the interview and how you plan to use that data. At the end of the interview, verify their participation throughout the project.

Basic Internal Interview Questions:

What to include in documentation

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