Often Cited Links

pre-S: I intend to write a brief summary of each of these. Not going to let something being 'incomplete' stop me from putting it out there.

The Wrong Abstraction - Sandy Metz

I see this mistake in programming often: removing duplicate code just because it's a duplicate. People forget that the goal of code is not to remove duplication, but to remove complexity.

why blacksmiths are better at startups than you - Amy Hoy

Get the basics right. Show up every day. Deliver results. It's a masterclass in working empathy into your creative process, summed up with this quote:

Your driving questions will evolve from Does this make me sound smart? to Does this motivate a customer to buy? — from Gee, what do I feel like doing today? to How will I make my customers’ lives better today?

You’ll make things with your hands and your brain that will help people, people you get to meet, to talk to, to learn from. And you will feel rewarded.

tech brain - "Stephanie"

Most of software development is fighting against complexity. However, when engineers over-simply real-world models due to their allergy to complexity, that's "Tech Brain." It can lead to false binaries, overconfidence, and inaccessible or possibly dangerous software.

an addiction to easy answers combined with a wholesale cultural resistance to any kind of complexity.

Is This You? No Really, Is This You? - Mykola Bilokonsky

If you think there is any possibility have autism but were never diagnosed, give this article a read.

how i won the lottery (tiny subversions) (video) - Darius Kazemi

Many parts of the great internet game are playing 'hitmaker' games. Take a lot of at bats, and hope you hit some home runs.

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