Game Design

4 elements of successful game design

Elements of an addicting design

  1. First by designing a token economy- A token economy is any system where you are awarded meaningless but visible tokens.
  2. The tokens need to be scored in some kind of way. This way collectors of the tokens can compete in one or more leader boards or rankings.
  3. Rarity. rarity creates desirability.
  4. Display cases. players must be able to see and display what they've accomplished
  5. Personalization. You can make play more addicting by letting people create reflections of their personal taste.
  6. Work. Players can't get the tokens for free, there needs to earn them. Farming can be a way for players to earn tokens.

Token economies for different player types

Source: Borderland Gun Collector's Club

Stub: Game Design != Gamification

Gamification is the art of trying to manipulate people using behavioral psychology. Game design is about engineering delight and fun.